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Nah I should have tagged the individual post, just thought it carried more weight with the whole thread. I thought about the postie angle as well but if OP could buy them he wouldnt be posting about a clone LOL The whole thing just seems super fishy to me, again I could be over reacting just going with my gut on this one.

I did PM the guy asking if it was on a Form 4 and if I could see it with the personal info redacted, for $6500 I'll send him a check right now LOL

EDIT: Maybe what PSG1 Nut said is true its just a host which that would make more sense but still a smoking deal for all of that! LOL
The rail and Aimpoint scope mount is worth $1500 alone. Depending on who did the conversion it's a steal. Especially if it is built on a 94. You're basically receiving the conversion and 3lug barrel for free.
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