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I need some MR556 and MR762 ammo advice

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Dear Gang,

I'm a new member here, but I've been a lurker for the past several months and a long-time H&K fan.

I was hoping to get some input on a subject that I haven't seen discussed much nor have I found the details I'm needing by using the "search" function of this forum's data base. Please take mercy on me, though, if there's been a thread that I've missed that answers these questions.

I'm interested in getting both some bulk ammo as well as some "hunting" or match grade (i.e. more accurate) ammo for my MR556 and MR762, but I find the choices daunting. I'm also not too well versed in the various schools of thought regarding the barrel twist rate in these two H&K rifles and what weight ammo would best utilize these H&K barrels.

Here are my two questions:

Taking in to account the barrel designs of these two guns and excluding ammo that is prone to foul or otherwise damage the weapon, what would be the best bulk ammo for the MR556 and for the MR762?

Likewise, what match ammo should I look at for each gun?

TIA for answering my questions,
L.A. Airhunter
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Accuracy = Federal Gold Medal Match
Plinking = Federal American Eagle 5.56 and 7.62 stuff

Hunting = well that depends what you're hunting for. I like 165gr SST for my .308 bolt gun. I don't use a 5.56/.223 to hunt.
PPU 145 grain ball for 7.62x51 for plinking. Outside of surplus, which is hard to find these days, its the best value when you can find it. Their 5.56 is also nice.

Thank you for your response. What grain bullet are you using for plinking in the 5.56 and in the 7.62?

L.A. Airhunter

Thank you for your response.

I can't find the PPU 145 grain "ball" ammo in the 7.62x51. Is this the same thing as a "boattail" bullet?

What grain and type of bullet would you get from PPU for your MR556?

L.A. Airhunter
For 5.56 i would use either 55gr or 62gr

For 7.62 I usually shoot 165gr Remington Core-Lokt. They're all moa or better ammo from my 26" barreled bolt gun, but on a semi YMMV.
Yesterday I bought 500 rounds with .223 Sierra Match King bullets (69 gr), because they work very well with my HK MR223. It's this bullet: Sierra Match King

One of our most acknowledged rifle experts in Germany recommended this ammo for the MR223. They are also available in 52 gr but my impression is, in 69 gr they work better in my rifle.

I suppose, the combination of this ammunition and the MR223's barrel can shoot 1 MOA. But the shooter (me) with the given trigger (stock) and scope (2.5-8x36mm) could not use the full potential and achieved "only" ~1.3 MOA with 5 shot groups (~40 mm @ 100 m = ~1.5 inch @ 100 yards).

PS: But I don't know, if the MR556's barrel is identical with the MR223's barrel. In Germany, we have the MR223 not MR556.
PPS: I use this ammo for target shooting (paper).
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