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Hello from the flooded tobacco fields of North Carolina!

This is my first post, first H&K product, and first striker fired pistol. I wanted to share my excitement. This post may just be a rehash of everything that has been discussed already.

I am the proud new owner of a VP9.

I have always carried 1911's. I have finally jumped ship to a double stack polymer 9mm. I am spoiled when it comes to triggers. I accept I will not have the same glass rod triggers of my 1911's. One of the many reasons I chose the VP9 was the reports of a fine trigger, for a striker fire. Likewise, a single stack has spoiled me in ergonomics and comfort of carry. Many popular polymer double stacks feel like bricks in my hand. Admittedly without much practice, I can't seem to hold many comfortably enough to pull the trigger consistently enough to be as accurate as Id like.

I did some work to a customers p30 a few years ago (im a gunsmith for a mom and pop gunshop). It was the first I had felt. After darn near drooling over and fondling the frame that seemed to have been made just for my hand, I knew I had stumbled onto something special.

I gave an honest try to the sa/da trigger, and wanted to like it; I just couldn't. I was able to be accuate enough with the Beretta M9 when I played soldier in the Cav, but it continued to bother me enough that I simply didnt enjoy it.

I believe the ability to be successful when using a firearm for combat, relies much more on the indian BEHIND the bow.

I do, however, appreciate quality craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal, historical influence and enoy little things about firearms that will make them much more pleasurable to shoot, carry and own. As I pray, and expect, like the rest of responsible firearm owners, that l will never need them for a lethal engagement, the majority of my interaction with them will then hopefully be just an enjoyable hobby and profession.

So I let the Da/Sa trigger keep me from switching, life got in the way and my firearm fund was put on hold. Ever happen to yall?

Ive recently been blessed to be able to have enough in the fund for a new carry gun and my search resumed.

I have always admired, perhaps almost coveted, H&K products. Ive always wanted one, and was pleased to stumble across the VP9. It was exactly what I had been looking for.

I would, to be picky, prefer a thumb safety. I intimately understand the mechanical safeties in the design of many current pistols that lack an external, additional physical step needed by the user to enable the firearm to discharge. Having the majority of my handgun training involving a thumb safety, it has become second nature, even under stress, to effectively manipulate . Consequently, my current grip on a handgun is extremely high on the bore axis and has come to rely on the thumb shelf provided by a large thumb safety to help both index my grip during the drawstroke and to help me mitigate recoil. Just a training issue; one that will give me an excuse to put more rounds through the gun.

I chose the non LE version. I picked up a few spare mags, needing more than 3. I prefer TFX Pro sights, so figured Id save some money by not paying for night sights I intended to switch out.

I would love a threaded barrel, Osprey, Deltapoint and X400 with devgru switch one day, but it is out of my budget for now. I prefer to carry OWB in an open top kydex style holster at 3 o'clock. By the time I save enough for an X400 im sure there will be a new model out. I just want a green laser/light combo that has a grip activation. The holster will have to wait until I can decide on and purchase the light. It currently rides in a crumpled nylon IWB universal style holster I had lying around.

The particular example I got had a bit of a crunchy take up in the trigger. I didnt believe it lived up to the hype I had read. I manipulated the trigger during dry fire practice for a few hours and it got a bit better. Following the successful reports in a thread on this forum, I polished the disconnector lightly. I used a Dremel and a green polishing wheel, some sort of rubber compound. To echo the warning of others, for those considering the .25 euro trigger job, removing too much material can be a bad thing. It made a difference, and my confidence is restored in the validity of the internets perception of trigger pulls. I wouldnt have minded, and it did not impede my accuracy, but the trigger is much easier for me to manipulate consistently now. I couldnt leave well enough alone.

A personal thank you to all those involved in the sharing of the information about the .25 euro trigger job.

Missing a thumb safety, I currently ride the slide stop and will need to adjust. Im ok with that.

I have to get used to the slide releasing when I seat a magazine briskly. Ive experienced it with the M&P double stacks, and understand why it happens. I just have to see it happen enough reliably not to second guess if I have a round chambered or not. If it works consistently, I would think it an advantage. Im ok with adaptation.

I have a bit of Cerakote, but can't decide if I want to yet. I would like a grey of some kind. The sniper grey has always been attractive to me. I would probably coat the frame and leave the controls and slide original. On the other hand, Id like to take a few more classes and range trips with the VP9 to get some honest wear, then clearcoat it when the finish is no longer beneficial.

The polymer charging supports bother me. I may machine some steel ones if I cant find any already on the market. Im sure the polymer is strong enough, its just in my head that they will get boogered up with use. I suppose only time will tell. They are, however, an additional feature I enjoy. Adequate yet not cumbersome in size. Cocking serrations are adequate, but I prefer the advantage, if only minute.

A lot of fun things to consider and look forward to. I have thoroughly enjoyed my new purchase so far. Im really happy to have finally been able to own a fine example of H&K.

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Welcome to the world of the VP9--my first HK, too, and I never cease to be impressed with it!
My trigger was fantastic right out of the box. I tried modifying the grip several different ways and wound up going back to the medium panels and backstrap.
I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!

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Nice post. I enjoyed reading it and it confirms my decision to buy a VP9 next
I have been carrying for 40 years and it's always been a 1911. Although I have no intention to sell my 1911's, I did switch to a P30SK for EDC. I've had it for about a month now and haven't even taken my 1911 out of my range bag when I practice. All I want to shoot is the HK.
As far as I'm concerned, there is no way to go wrong with a HK, whatever model. Just wish I could afford to buy them all.

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Congrats! You have made a good choice, I cant say nothing else that others have already mentioned over and over about the VP9. Its a awesome pistol!

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Excellent first post. The HK ownership experience is a good one and, in it, I've found myself a brand that I have absolute and extreme confidence in. I don't own a VP pistol, but recommended one to a family member. It is a very good shooting gun. While trying it out, I actually wanted to keep shooting it instead of focusing on my pistol, which was a P30L.

You mentioned that you traded in your 1911 for the VP9, but didn't reveal what it was. I have, and continue to own and sometimes carry both. It's just something I can't quite let go of. I consider HK's to be among the best firearms in their class, and own a few 1911s that are, as well (semi-customs)

The only question remaining is how long it takes for you to buy your next HK. My prediction is; not long. These guns are a pleasure to own. That's something I can't say about any other modern polymer pistol.

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I have yet to play around with the grip panels, having been turned off by the brick feel of most polymer double stacks, I just have the smallest panels all the way around. My firing hand's fingers wrap far around the grip, not letting much contact surface for my non firing hand.

I might try to replicate a palm swell grip on some target guns I like. Maybe a large panel or two under my firing hand to force less wrap around. Im no surgeon with handguns, but it might make a difference for me. Either way, im glad for the ability. Whoever came up with modular grips was purdy smart in my book.

Speaking of the grip, I am relieved to find the grip provides adequate traction for relatively slippery hands. Stippling takes too much patience for me to get excited about doing it to my own guns. Plus, with a great wmount of force, I can distort the frame in my hand, I dont want to remove any more material.

I forgot to mention the magazine release. I love it. I cant activate it with a firing grip without considerable concentration, but I roll my handguns a bit to the side while changing mags, which places the magazine release comfortably under my thumb. It was a very easy transition.

I feel good about switching from a 1911 as a carry gun. I will always have a soft spot for Johnny's masterpiece, and wouldnt feel undergunned with one.

I was carrying a Caspian I built a few years ago. Race ready recon frame, 6" threaded barrel, novaks, etc etc. Parkerized and cerakoted sniper grey frame and slide. I nitre blued the controls for fun, and it looked purdy, completely impractical for a carry gun as it wears off quickly, but again, I couldnt leave well enough alone.

The actual 1911 I traded in to ease the purchase price was an old SA milspec I had got my fun out of. I bobtailed that particular one around the time the Dan wesson vbob's came out. If you enjoy 1911s and havent felt a bobtail, I recommend grabbing hold of one. Its definitely different. The forward cocking serrations were hastily machined and I felt they could have been more identical to the rears, so I never really developed a sentimental connection with that one. I dont think i could ever sell my Caspian, she is near and dear to me.

My next H&K product? The time is only dependent on budget, and I have a few tinkering things to fund with the VP9 before I move on, but, I wouldnt mind owning a 91. But I need another battle rifle like I need another hole in my head.

Also forgot to mention. I did make a HUGE rookie mistake when I bought the VP9.

I took the h&k sticker out of the box to put on my truck, got distracted, and lost it. Im still a little pissy about that.

Interestingly enough, I put a box (50rds) through it the day I bought it. Ran me and our shop assistant through the local BLET daytime qual course after work, winner buys dinner. I had two failures in that 50rds. One stovepipe and one failure to enter battery.

Break in period, new gun, not cleaned or lubricated properly, only one ammo type, cant remember if it was both mags or just one, etc etc. I know itll be fine and am not concerned in the slightest. It was 115gr FMJ fiocci. Its not the ammo, and I expect the VP9 to eat up fiocci just fine, once properly maintained. Still, its interesting and worth a mention. The free mexican food was delicious.

Thank you for the warm welcome folks.

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You'll be amazed how much difference swapping the grip panels around will make. Having multiple sizes for all three sides is a phenomenal feature and you'll love how it'll make the grip just melt into your hand. Not to mention the ease of accuracy you'll gain.
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