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I want to hear you h&k war stories

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I'm a huge HK fanboy and reading several recent threads, several veterans posted what HK WEAPONS they saw and used while deployed, reading these short posts made me want to start a thread and ask you true heroes out there who served in the military, what HK's you saw a used in combat. The military history behind this company is what started me on the road to my incurable addiction to everything and anything HK. Thank you all in advance and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!
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I suspect that any genuine US SOCOM vets who used them in combat, probably are either not allowed to talk about it, or not inclined to do so even if they could talk about it.
There's some "In Action" posts here on the forum. Here's one of them:

As for stories, I'm sure there are a few special guys that can share a few tid bits with the community.
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