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I was ready to buy a HK USC From buds. Then today they raised the price?

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Yesterday I was looking at HK USC from buds at $1200. That was late last night I thought I would do it in the morning. Well to my surprise its now $1500! Can anyone recommend a place that might be closer to the original price?

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Thank you! I have a PM in to him! Now just need to gather the bits for a UMP conversion.
I think the $1500 is closer to the original price. Why some of them came available so inexpensively I don't know.
I too was ready to buy from Bud's and noticed the same thing. I called and asked if they could honor the old price and they said they could not. I sent aviatordave a PM and am looking forward to buying from him and supporting a board member.
I think I got the last one at $1299. I knew that price wasn't going to last long. Glad I jumped when I did. At one point it was around $1100. Had I not just bought the Umarex MP5-22 I would have bought the USC @ the lowest price. I can't believe how much the MR556 is now!
The Price in Canada for a USC from Germany is $2200 CAD. And our dollar is on par with yours!!! My US made HK45 cost me $1400 CAD.
CNADNSL8-5, thanks for keeping things in perspective.

I'm sure you realize that there is more to it than just the exchange rate, but a lot of times we Yanks tend to forget how good we really have it. Heck, we're complaining that gas is breaking the $4 mark, while you Canucks are near $6 (almost $1.5/L in southern Alberta).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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