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...and I was plinking away with my new 10/22 and HKs. I heard a lot of bangs coming from 2 aisles down. Didn't really notice it at first and then realized it sounded faster than semi fire. I peeked out and saw a UMP... :eek: :eek:

I asked the guy if it was, in fact, a UMP and he said yes. I shot a few more rounds and then asked him how he had it and he said was on the city's SWAT team. I really really wanted to shoot it but I figured it would be against policy to let a civvie shoot it.

He was there with another guy, that I figured was an instructor/fellow SWAT. It turns out it was just a buddy that he was letting fire it because we got to talking more and he said that he wasn't even supposed to be letting him shoot it. :(

It was nice to see one of my dream guns in action. :D
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