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illegal H&K weapons export

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German officials have started a criminal investigation against H&K for illigal gun export to Mexico.
Since 2007 there is a federal German gun ban on weapons export to Mexico.
H&k is accused of selling G36 rifles to the Mexican police after 2007, made false export documents to conceal the fact it where guns an to have bribed Mexican police officials to buy H&K guns.
Report, illegale deutsche Waffenlieferungen - YouTube
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Uploaded in 2010. Older news. Oh, and I don't speak German.
WTF, german video? It is 2 years old, I remember hearing of this but I never followed up on it.
In this video there is an ex-HK employee who brought it out in 2010..
German officials have started an investigation in end 2011, the investigation is going on at this moment.
Ruh-roh, hopefully this ends well and doesn't tarnish the HK name.
So many investigations. HK, move to USA and ATF will send your guns to Mexico without you even knowing it.
Fast and Furious baby!! Nice!:8:
Huh, hopefully they didnt do anything stupid. I am still building my collection...
Hopefully they did. It would be nice for the legitimate consumer to be the focus for sales, instead of an under the table deals that may or may not be happening. Wouldn't it be nice if someday hk would sell things at a "normal" price and items (like UMP mags for instance) would be readily available.
As long as it is nothing crazy that gets them shut down. A little bribery is cool, as long as there are no illegal arms sales or violating international traffiking laws. No repeat of Sabre Defense, al least my aug a3 is appreciating faster...
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