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I’m back in the HK family. I have been shooting HK’s since I was in middle school, my first being the HK91. I remember at the time being so young thinking “Who would want a rifle in 9mm?”

I traded another gun for my first HK, which was a mint HK91 with bipod, sling, 6 mags, etc. I shot it at the range and did some hunting with it that first season. It seemed at the time I was getting more into hunting than range shooting. I also had no hunting rifles so I was hit with a dilemma. Trade the HK91 for some hunting tools or keep a rifle I really liked but did not use that much? I ended up trading it for a Weatherby bolt action rifle and Berretta Shotgun. I have always had mixed feelings about this trade.
Then one day I was in a gun shop outside of Fort Bragg. This is around 1996. They had purchased about 20 brand new in the box SP89’s. I put a down payment on one and about 6 months later picked it up. Again I really liked the SP89. It was fun to shoot but was more of a safe queen than anything. I also could not get used to the look of it not having the vertical grip. After having it for about 3 years and not shooting it much, on a whim I decided to take it to a gun show and see if someone had a different HK they wanted to trade. I ran into a shop that had an HK94 A2 they had for sale for around the same as I had purchased the SP89 for. I asked if they were interested in doing a trade and he said yes.

So we traded and I then had one of my all time favorite HK’s. I added a red dot sight and loved shooting it. On this gun we would shoot targets that had small numbers for each zone. It shot so well, that we would see who could hit the most numbers dead on the quickest. Eventually I got a bigger house, etc. and needed a new lawn mower, etc. I ended up selling this gun to someone I knew and asked him that if he ever sold it to come to me first. I think most people have those certain guns they wish they had never parted with and kick themselves for it when they think of it. This HK94 was probably my worst one. A while back he asked if I knew anyone who wanted it? I said that I do and offered him $1700.00. He accepted and now I have it back. This time I have to hang onto it no matter what. It has a II(88) date code, A2 stock, but I had purchased an A3 stock from the same guy I traded it too. I am not sure if it is an original HK or clone A3 stock though. I have some small things I want to do to it but nothing major.

Once I figure out how to post pics and put some up.
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