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I'm jealous......

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Bought my Mom a nice p30 da/sa no safety for her HD piece. I want one, soon. Also I'll be getting the wife a P30sks.
I want one, why do I buy for my loved ones and not myself anymore. ?????

Soon, I'll have a nice P30sks for myself to ccw! Can't wait.

The addiction sucks, but they are nice.

Cheers to all.

Listen to Mercyful Fate.
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I want one too. Planning on it being my first firearm purchase. Wonder if the safety will get in the way of thumbs forward grip? Since i don't have my license yet shops won't even let me touch a gun it seems....
Real Men take care of their Mama and a good son buys nothing but the best for his Mama .
You can always borrow them to "make sure they're working correctly".
It probably wouldn't help your addiction much if I told you I know where there is a brand new P30sks for 500.00, right?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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