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Info needed on HK91

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I purchased this HK91 thinking that I might want to start collecting HK rifles. I have realized however that although HK makes some of the finest weapons in the world, that I have other interest and I will be listing this in the for sale. Anyway, I have a few questions:

1) Is this known as a HK91 Paratrooper or some other model number?
2) The date code is "HK" (confused me at first), so am I correct in that this was made in 1979?
3) I read a lot about others wanting to know what the bolt gap is on the rifle. What should it be? Why is this so important? Is there a link that gives direction on how to chk it?
4) What is it reasonably worth? I only have one mag with it. There is some paint wear on the front sight, on the left arm of the collapsible stock and a small mark on the grip.
5) Are there any other markings that I need to look for and if so, what markings and where are they located?

Here are few pics and I would appreciate any and all info that some of you HK GURU'S might have.

Visit here for ALL pics: HK91 pictures by jmanrogers - Photobucket


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Thanks guys, and I will chk the bolt gap out tomorrow. I'll post back to the thread to let you know my findings.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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