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I bought the parts a while ago, but the holidays were approaching and family came into town, then I had to catch up at work.......the parts box just got shoved to the back of my desk. I figured I'd get to it someday. Well My Lobos trigger came the other day and I figured I'd just git 'er dun. Just wanted to say that this job was made so much easier --a snap, really-- with the TRS pliers from HK parts. Seriously, if you ever plan to work on your HKs, get them. Piece of cake. I can see though how if this were attempted with regular needle nose pliers, it would frustrating beyond ability to bear.

I installed a match hammer, sear spring and TRS. Frankly, looking at the parts and comparing them to the originals, I couldn't see how they would make much difference. Together though, huge difference. What a trigger! Now my Lobos VP9 trigger and my USP Match triggers are perfect. Worth doing for sure. Now my USPct clone has a spurred Match hammer, Ambi USPf fire controls, Novak/Trijicon raised suppressor sights, HK threaded barrel, new firing pin/block, larger mag release, GGG rail adaptor, 10rd mags and a KACct suppressor. It really is just how I wanted it to be now.

I posted the same pic in the Lobos thread, but since it would be a pain someday to have to search the other thread to see the obligatory pics....... See below. Behold HK awesomeness

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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