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Interport G3... threaded barrel?

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Hey guys,
I just got an Interport G3 clone the other day with a fixed fake flash hider. Is the muzzle threaded underneath? I'd like to un-pin it and replace it. Also, I've had some trouble finding out how a bayonet would attach. Would I need a new triple frame with a bayonet lug, or is it just the cover to the cocking tube... thanks for the help!
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I can not answer the flash hider question for sure since I am not familar with that particular clone. However if it uses a real HK barrel it is most likely threaded.

As far as the bayonet you should just need a bayonet adaptor that fits in the end of the cocking tube and a bayonet. RTG has these and he is excellent to deal with.

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It sounds like one of those post ban rifles which they "permanently" covered the threads. I'll bet it is, indeed, threaded.
its threaded. They were taking inventory g3 parts and putting the fake flash hiders on and then driving a pin in them to make them permanent.
Awesome, thanks for the information guys.
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