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I have been reading this site for several years now but only joined yesterday.
This site has to be the number one site for HK info. Alot of very current info and alot of killer pics of all different HKs. I like to refer to HKs as the
"Lamborghini" of all firearms. My personal favorite is the HK MP5K. I cannot
own one here but I have the next best thing, the HK SP89. I was smart
enough to buy one when they first became available on the market.
I have owned it since 1989 and probably have less then 500 rounds
through it. I really like it but don't want to shoot it anymore because they
have banned the transfer of them here in Hawaii now and you can't buy them here anymore. Anyway most HKs are the best there is, without a doubt.
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It's a sad, sad state of affairs when decent, law abiding citizens are restricted from protecting themselves in the name of making them safer from criminals who disobey the laws anyway. The establishment wants us to rely on the police and government to do that for us, but the fact of the matter is that's just not always possible or practical. Show me a PD or Sheriff's Dept that is not spread dangerously thin, some even don't have back-up for each other or it's upwards of an hour away when they go on dangerous calls.

Ok, enough about that, I'll stow the soap box. Welcome to the PRO, sorry to hear you're affected. It's a great site, but you already know that. I've learned so much, it's a fun way to just "lose" time, it's happened to me countless times, PRO has claimed endless hours just spent browsing, posting and reading the forum.
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