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One of the guys has an HK911 (converted to HK91 a long long time ago) and we were wondering if this is just a HK91 shipped with an ugly stock, with no such luck as this being a poly rifled like the SR9s .... thus making it a fine sear host.

While it was converted a long time ago, just to play double safe when not going to be used as a sear host, thought about making sure has the standard issue seven parts (US mag x4, flash hider and either US stock set or internal trigger parts), in particular if can find anyone making a "lighter/better" trigger using the US hammer, sear, triggers and/or is this something you have to send out?

What type price now days on a HK911 that was converted to "HK91" specs long ago and/or has 922r parts (would be part of a bigger trade package so far price for all).

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