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Is it possible to buy a V2 or V4 USPc in .45? and other ?s

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Just placed an order for a USPc in .45, the dealer called his supplier and they said that they are all shipped V1 and that I could send it back to HK and they will convert it to what I want, for free...(Im a lefty) I just got an email back from HK saying it will be around $140... Id like to stick with my dealer as they gave me a pretty good deal, $750 NIB w/2 mags etc., but I have a hard time spending another $140 to convert it to lefty, seems rather high.

Any advice/options would be GREATLY appreciated.

Any other items I should look out for or purchase? I'll have to try on holsters etc, and I'll prob get an extra 2 mags, any cleaning kit preferred more than others?