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Is it possible to modify the P2K's trigger for a lighter pull?

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Basically I don't like the reset to much. I think it's like 5 1/2 lbs??? I would like it to be about 3 1/2. How would I go about doing this. Can a smith do it or is a trigger kit needed?
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IIRC on the USP's they use the LEM kit with the match springs and it lightened the truigger pull a lot. Someone on here probably can confirm this configuration or correct it. I think the triggers are around the same from the P2K to the USP. I don't have one yet-still recovering from other buys. hope this leads you in some sort of direction.
I appreciate it. Any other takers?
Contact Bruce Gray. He does work on HK handguns. A few guys on sigforum had their P2000 work by him and they all loved the results. If his HK work is anything like the magic he works on Sigs you are going to be VERY happy.
You can send it to Bruce Gray to clean up the action and get a slightly lighter trigger pull.

Unfortunately they cannot reduce the length of the trigger reset due to the design of the mechanism. You cant do much to the reset of these guns without disabling safeties.
Bruce and Flork (Scott) of GGI have both told me that there are realistic limitations and the *magic* many people expect simply isn't possible. It'll be slightly cleaner and slightly lighter, maybe with less take-up and a more positive reset. Talk to them.
There we go some answers! Thanks bunch guys, I'll give him a shout.
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