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Is the Elite barrel the same as the P30?

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Yeah I know, odd question, but here's the background.

I sold my brother my .45 HK Elite and he loves it, so much so that he wants the Elite in the 9 mm version, too. However, since we live in CA it's not officially legal, but there is a loophole referred to as the SSE (Single Shot Exemption.) Basically, the FFL here temporarily replaces the barrel with a much longer one, sells you the pistol, then you turn around and ask them to remove it - all perfectly legal.

The catch is that this shop does not have a 9 mm Elite barrel, but does have a P30 barrel in 9 mm. So my question to the HK Experts is this: Is the lug-end on the 9 mm Elite barrel the same as the P30? Length doesn't matter, just whether it'll seat or not.
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