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Is the Elite barrel the same as the P30?

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Yeah I know, odd question, but here's the background.

I sold my brother my .45 HK Elite and he loves it, so much so that he wants the Elite in the 9 mm version, too. However, since we live in CA it's not officially legal, but there is a loophole referred to as the SSE (Single Shot Exemption.) Basically, the FFL here temporarily replaces the barrel with a much longer one, sells you the pistol, then you turn around and ask them to remove it - all perfectly legal.

The catch is that this shop does not have a 9 mm Elite barrel, but does have a P30 barrel in 9 mm. So my question to the HK Experts is this: Is the lug-end on the 9 mm Elite barrel the same as the P30? Length doesn't matter, just whether it'll seat or not.
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I am a little bit at a loss about what you are trying to accomplish?
I think he wants an Elite in 9mm, but that particular gun isn't on the approved list?

I'll never claim to try understanding California law (thank whatever being you may believe in that I don't live there), but this sounds fishy. I believe the SSE would require the gun to be modified in such a way that it can feed extra rounds from a magazine. It has to be a single shot only weapon (hence the term single shot weapon). So it has to be sold with a single shot magazine, or a block that doesn't allow a normal magazine to fit into the weapon. According to what I can find, for a single shot handgun under the exemption. you must have a minimum 6" barrel and 10.5" total weapon length. I doubt the P30 barrel would satisfy it, as it isn't long enough.

The elite is built on the USP, so a match barrel "might" work, and is 6" long. I would probably see if a Jarvis Custom (link here) match barrel is available in the extended, threaded version to help get the total 10.5 length. Alternatively, he also may specifically have a barrel for the Elite that is extended/threaded. I don't know if a threaded on extension qualifies for length for the SSE, though.
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