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Tactical Excellence is done for good. There is 2 other businesses in the industry that rivaled them HDPS and Topnotch. I can only imagine that their businesses have been booming since the top dog stepped down. If I was one or the other I would purchase this company and keep a third from becoming a issue..........

Quote from website:

I'm sad to announce that I'm closing down Tactical Excellence.

My business partner has decided to stay working overseas for now. Because of this, I don't have the time to run the shop, do conversion work, and develop new products.

To all that have purchased products from Tactical Excellence, you have my thanks. I've had a great time developing the USC to UMP conversion. And I have great pride knowing that several Law Enforcement agencies around the country are using products I developed and brought to market.

If anyone out there is interested in manufacturing any of the products I have designed, I will be considering offers for all of my Tactical Excellence design work.

This will include all autocad files for:
all accessory rails for HK and Beretta
current USC to UMP conversion block
sling loop bolt
3rd gen USC to UMP conversion block (designed as injection molded unit not yet produced)
USC to UMP conversion folded stock catch (not yet produced)
UMP barrel flange
UMP followers and base plate
USC trigger

All these files will be sold to one person with my blessing to use them in any way they wish. I will also include one of the original prototype conversion blocks.

Those interested can contact me at:

[email protected]
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