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I have been carrying full size pistols for near twenty years now, but after reading so many good things about the P2000SK I had a feeling I might like to have one for occasional carry, so I started watching the area gun shops this summer. A few rides on wild roller coasters with my P30L convinced me there are some occasions when a smaller carry pistol makes sense. So I picked one up today from a nearby shop that had a NIB 9mm V3 in stock. Can't say I got the best deal I could, but the owner is a friend of my dad's so I don't mind helping him keep the lights on.

Took it right to the shop's indoor range and ran a box of UMC and a box of Cor Bon through it without a hiccup. Wish I had time to run some more, but couldn't leave the kiddies home alone too long. Let me echo what many others have said--this little darling is a tackdriver and shoots very smooth. Even though I read so much good stuff I was still amazed that it had no more recoil than my P30L even though its barrel is just a bit more than half as long, and it seems to be very nearly as accurate. Some owners have expressed preference for the flat bottom mags, but my hands are small enough that my pinky wraps nicely above the extension on the stock mags, and I find it gives me a very nice amount of engagement on the grip when drawing from concealment.

Wish I was better with a camera, but wow I love this pistol. Soon as I got home I cleaned it out thoroughly, oiled it, and polished the barrel tip like I did with my P30L. Soon as I raise a little extra cash, a C5L is going to be added. Will probably be some Mepros for both of them some time in the future.

Only minor quibbles to note. . . I found the trigger reset to be a tiny bit longer than that of my P30L, so a couple times I squeezed the trigger without letting it out far enough. So I will need more range time to practice. . . oh darn! The mag release, as others have noted, is unsatisfactory. I do not mind the small size and had no trouble engaging it with my middle finger just like I do with my P30L, but it does seem to have more resistance, and it rubs somewhat uncomfortably on the inside of my middle finger while gripping and firing. So that will probably be upgraded. I also found that the area of the frame above the trigger is a bit more squared off than my P30L, so it is a bit less comfortable against the top of my trigger finger. . . probably need to adjust my grip a little. Finally, I was a little surprised on the takedown when the slide release came out all the way and clattered across the table. I guess I did not expect it to be different from the P30L slide release that stays in the frame during stripping and cleaning.

All in all, a great CCW pistol that I highly recommend!
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