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Just picked up a ptr msg91 - groups suck any advice

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So I picked up a "used" owner said never shot it and it actually looked never cycled there was no wear anywhere.

I have taken out two times and have just under 100 rds through it of US late 60s surplus, new manufactured ppu, and a few groups of hand loads that were set up for my buddies 700 42.5gr varget 175 smk. Everything posts 3in plus groups at 100yrds. I am not looking for the 1/4in groups my TRG shoots or the 1/2 groups my buddies 700 shoots but 3 moa plus for the MSG model is a bit out of line even my starndred Ruger 77 hunting rifle will better 1" groups with these rounds.
I am also noticing a ton of blow by on the spent brass (this is my first g3 pattern rifle and first ptr so I don't know if this is normal).

Any advice?? This firearm is no good and no where near worth the retail price if this is all it is capable of.
Thanks guys
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Try handloading some different loads for it. Different guns like different bulet weights, powder charges, seating depth, shoulder bump, etc... Or try some factory match grade ammo in different weights. The perfect handload is the one that you built for your gun. It may take a while to dial it in just right.

What are you running for optics? How is your optic mounted? What type of rings? Are you doing your part?
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