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Just picked up a ptr msg91 - groups suck any advice

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So I picked up a "used" owner said never shot it and it actually looked never cycled there was no wear anywhere.

I have taken out two times and have just under 100 rds through it of US late 60s surplus, new manufactured ppu, and a few groups of hand loads that were set up for my buddies 700 42.5gr varget 175 smk. Everything posts 3in plus groups at 100yrds. I am not looking for the 1/4in groups my TRG shoots or the 1/2 groups my buddies 700 shoots but 3 moa plus for the MSG model is a bit out of line even my starndred Ruger 77 hunting rifle will better 1" groups with these rounds.
I am also noticing a ton of blow by on the spent brass (this is my first g3 pattern rifle and first ptr so I don't know if this is normal).

Any advice?? This firearm is no good and no where near worth the retail price if this is all it is capable of.
Thanks guys
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The guys are right on the Bill Springfield trigger job, that's all I'll shoot in my 91 and clones. And they are right again with the bullet weight, the 1-12 twist barrels usually like 145-150 gr bullets, a AR-10 with a 1-10 twist will shoot the heavier stuff but then this is a HK forum. I just shot some of the new Privi-Partizen 145 gr BT-FMJ and it fed very well even in my PTR and grouped extremely well for military ammo. I wanted to see what the ammo and rifles were capable of and fired them from a lead sled to take the Indian out of the equation. The PTR-G.I. shot it sub MOA and my HK-91 shot (8rds)- 1/2 MOA. I just ordered a bunch of it. With that quality of rifle, when you get the ammo, they're right, under non-hunting, ideal, slow-fire conditions it will shoot 1-MOA. I just got the PWS- flash hider/ muzzle brake from HK-parts and could not believe how well it worked so I ordered them for the other rifles that did not have it yet. Reduced recoil a bunch over the older style PTR Brake and cut the flash in the scope out. I could not believe it would do both but it did. Adam was right again.
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