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Knight’s Armament MP5 RAS 97198. Plastic packaging was opened, but it’s in new condition. $500 shipped.

Knight’s Armament Mount, MP5 Rail 99049. New in plastic. $700 shipped SOLD

German Magazine Release set and paddle for converting SP89, HK94 to a paddle release. $160 shipped.

HK Maritime Magazines, ten (10) available in new condition, but they have some light scuffs from storing them together. All are AK date coded. $55 each magazine shipped.

HK 30 round MP5 magazines, all of these are used and date coded pre-ban (the 1994 one). The following date codes are available IG, II, JA, JA, JA, IA, JA, IJ, II, II. Ten (10) are available and they are all in good condition, but have some wear. See the photos. $55 each magazine shipped. SOLD

Bolt small parts: New HK New Extractor, Extractor Axle Pin, Extractor Spring and Extractor Buffer, Ejector, and Ejector Spring and Pin for MR556/416 bolts. All parts included for $100 Shipped

416 Bolt Small Parts