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LEM conversion for 45C

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A few questions on an Match-Hybrid LEM conversion for a 45C v1: I ordered the specific kit for that conversion (labeled part #241593 on the bag) -- well, not the hybrid part. The kit has:
- Sear (219439)
- Cocking Piece (219443)
- Bobbed Hammer (219452)
- Hammer Axle (214258)
- Cocking Piece Spring (219444)
- Trigger return spring and
- Hammer spring.
(I got the above part numbers from TooSixy's list of 1/8/13.)

I've read TooSixy's instructions of 12/22/14 (more than once) but have not started the project and admit to not having the apparently required PhD in German engineering. The kit did not come with the catch (219442). I didn't get the match trigger because of what I read about it not fitting in the 45C. I did order separately the match nickel-plated flat sear spring (which may not be needed).

My gun is labeled BD.

I've gone through TooSixy's instructions again along with at least some of the other posts on this. My impressions now, and considering the age of my gun, are:
- I probably did not need to get the match sear spring;
- I should not use (or do not need) the TRS in the kit;
- I probably don't need the hammer spring in the kit;
- I don't need the catch (219442 - that was not included) because I don't need it;
- this modification with these parts leaves the safety in place without the de-cocking function; and
- if I want to omit the control latch and safety, I'll need to get a different detente plate.

If I got some of that wrong, I'd appreciate the correction(s) before I start on this.

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You definitely don't need the catch because your HK45C already has one.

In addition to those parts, you are going to need the Match HS and Light TRS. You should not be using the TRS or HS included in the kit because, I believe, those are the Heavy LEM version. You might or might not have the Match nickel-plated sear spring already but you won't know until you remove the parts and check. Cut the Match HS to the same size as your stock HS.

If you want to eliminate the safety, remove the safety lever completely, in addition to the DA/SA Hammer Axle, Detent Plate, Slide Plate, and Slide Plate Compression Spring. You do not need a different plate should you choose to go this route. Having said that, if you do want to retain the safety, get a V5+6 Detent Plate (or just keep the stock V1+2 Detent Plate). The decocking function is lost once you convert to LEM and it doesn't matter whether you keep or lose the safety.

Btw, if you want a HK45C trigger with a stop screw, I have 2 available. This will complete your Match LEM Hybrid setup.

Last but not least, in addition to the PhD in German Engineering, you need a 4-yr residency at HK to complete this task. :biggrin::biggrin:
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Thanks very much. I'll order the Match HS and the Light TRS. I assume I'll want those anyway if I switch back to DA/SA with something like a match trigger.

I would be interested in the one of your HK45C triggers with the stop screw. I'll try to send you a private message on that.
Btw, if you want a HK45C trigger with a stop screw, I have 2 available. This will complete your Match LEM Hybrid setup.

[/QUOTE] @TooSixy, PM Inbound
You can do it. You might have to put it down and think about it for awhile. I did mine with one hand and no vice assistance. Try that.
Just a notice to the group that I finally finished the match-LEM-hybrid conversion on a 45c yesterday. It works and I like it. Thanks for the encouragement and public thanks to TooSixy for his instructions and parts list(s), some additional parts and some private messages with even more information and encouragement. (I am, by the way, awed by Brahma being able to do it "with one hand and no vice assistance.")

I have a question for those who have experience with the LEM: the one part in the conversion that looks fragile is the cocking piece spring. If you have hard-use experience (training, military, police, or other duty -- anything) with the LEM in the field, is it as robust as the regular SA/DA set up? Does it hold up?

For context on the robustness question, I've broken down Glocks and installed an Apex trigger on an M&P45c (which is outstanding, by the way). There are lots of small or stamped parts in those. When I first saw a video on the HK trigger, I figured you needed an engineering degree to take it apart. Now I've done one and I came to really appreciate the quality and sturdiness of the parts, especially compared to other brands -- thus my question about that spring.
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