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LEM or Variant 7?

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What is the difference between the LEM and the Variant 7? Is the variant 7 the heavy double action pull on my V1 usp, only every time?
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Correct. It is exactly the same as your DA pull on your V1 except for every shot because there is no SA function. The LEM is DAO also but uses a pre-loaded hammer spring that is activated by racking the slide or by the slide cycling. It still retains double strike capability unlike the XD or Glock (but at a heavier pull, like the standard DAO if the gun dies not fire with the first pull of the trigger). So you can have a 4-5 pound pull (LEM V1), an 8 pound pull (LEM V2), or a 7 pound pull which is LEM V4.
Thanks! I don't think I need V7! I'll stick with the LEM.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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