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LEM springs and trigger feel

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Hello, I am new here. I have searched, but cannot find the specific answer to my question.

I am hoping to make my P2000 LEM have more of a revolver-like DA break rather than a distinct two-stage trigger feel. Does the TGS configuration give more of a DA feel (less of a pronounced wall)? Based on my understanding of what each spring does, it seems like it should.

My understanding is that the resistance from the TRS is felt throughout the trigger pull, but the firing pin block spring's and the hammer spring's effects should mostly be felt at or just before the trigger break. It seems like a lighter firing pin spring and hammer spring would mainly lower the weight of the final trigger break rather than the takeup portion of the pull. I am imagining it would be sort of like a Glock with the NY trigger spring and 3.5lb connector.

Can anyone tell me if I am on the right track?

Thanks in advance.
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Anyone? I know lots of folks have changed the springs on their LEMs. Just hoping to find out a bit more than simply the peak weight.
You will never get a two staged feel out of LEM. According to my experience and some approximate measurements, I get a smallest relative step up between take-up and trigger break by using heaviest trigger return spring and lightest mainspring available. In my case the gun is P30 so those springs are heavy TRS and 10 lbs hammer spring. I am not well versed in P2000 springs to tell you more but you got the idea.
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