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letters after USP, "c" "f" etc.

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What do the letters after USP designate?
USP variants?
DA/SA only?

Any sites, you know of, that explain all of them?

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Old timers refer to the full size USP ad simply that, USP. They refer to the Compact as USPC. Some like to make sure you know they are talking about the full size and include the "f" after USP but that is being a little redundant, repeating one's self, saying the same thing over and over. ;)

Sometimes the Tactical is referred to as the USPT but most just call it the Tactical, like the Expert and Elite are called just that, Expert and Elite. Same applies to the Match and Mark 23/SOCOM.
The Compact Tactical is usually referred to as the CT since that is the way HK refers to it.

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Thanks for the replies.
That is about what I figured.
I'm looking to pick up a little brother for my Expert, and did not want to find out too late that a "letter" meant something I else.
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