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Lightweight Red Dot/ flashlight mount for the H&K 91

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For close up pig/deer/black bear hunting and for personal protection, I wanted to have a compact light weight red dot sight on my 91.

So I used the STANAG scope mount, and a Weaver to STANAG rail adapter.

Then I mounted a Burris Fast Fire Red Dot I had on another gun, [I prefer the Doctor Optic, but have found the Burris to work good as well].

Then I mounted a Vicking Tactics 1" Flashlight mount on the rail in front of the Burris sight.
I inserted a SureFire Nitrolon flash light into the Vicking Tactical light mount. The H&K carrying handle can still be used.
Many times I have used a flashlight mounted on a rifle or handheld against it to shoot wild pigs after dark [legal in Texas].

It works much better if the light is mounted to the gun.

So now I have a red dot sight AND a flashlight mount, on an original H&K claw mount, that will go on and off in a second, fit in a coat pocket or pack and maintain its zero.