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LNIB Glock 21.4. Hard to find any wear. Barrel has no “smilies”.
This must have been an unissued weapon due to the condition.
Comes with case (label is illegible), no backstraps or cable lock, but it does have a key for one…lol!
It appears to be an early Gen 4 as it looks like the finish is tenifer.
Also comes with five 13 round magazines, magazine loader, and new IWB holster.
Price is $525 + $35 shipping to your FFL. Please ensure that they’ll accept the package from an individual.
Payment should be by USPS M.O., or PayPal (no comments).
This is listed on various sites so it all comes down to who buys first.
Located in Eldorado, Illinois.
Please P.M. with any questions.

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