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Location of serial number & engraving font style used on the MKE Z-43 pistols?

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I'm thinking about buying a Zenith/MKE Z-43 pistol to go with my Z-5 pistol, but I was wondering where they're stamping the serial number on the pistols that are now hitting the markets. Also, I was wondering about the font style they're using as well... Yes, I know that's a pretty stupid question, but I'm just wondering if its the same font style and size as used on their Z-5 R/S pistols. "I" simply like the plain/non-fancy look, like the markings on the Z-5 line-up of pistols.

I saw a low quality photo of a prototype Z-43 pistol last year or so and the stamped serial number and manufacturer's info look rather large IMHO... If so, its not a show stopper, I'm just wondering... Out loud!!

Thanks for looking!!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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