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I've bought a semi-auto Brugger&Thomet BT-96 a couple a month ago.
and I would like to get a lower with semi, 2 or 3 rounds burst and full auto.
I've tried a mp5 lower, it fits perfectly but it's impossible to shoot.
I asked my gunsmith an he said BT don't make full auto lower.
Can anybody help me


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B&T 96 semi carbines usually have a piece of stell inside the receiver that prevents full auto use. No mather what kind of lower you put on it, it will fire semi only. You can't get full auto moving parts in.

I don't have BT96 so someone who does could tell more?


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Do you mean a lower or a trigger group???
You can get both on German eGun!
Take a look on:
But hurry they are not for selling free in Germany after April 01.2008!

That kind of steel what tkz mean is in the upper part of the reciever and prevents the use of an unaltered fullauto bolt carrier
and had nothing to do with the lower!
A few B&T96 in Germany and Switzerland have a rivet
instead of the pushpin on the lower
to prevent the changing of the lowers!
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