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Luepold Dark Earth CA89!

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I have a dirty little secret... I like the clones for being cheap and I have plenty of original German parts to make them run like sewing machines. But I hate the finish on the bloody things.
I took my CA89 into work today at Danny's Gun Repair in Louisville to just upgrade the plastic cocking tube support with the German steel. The support was about .10 thousandths out of spec and being an ass when I got a wild hair and thought lets get this nasty finish off the weapon:70:
If you ever bead blasted one of these guns it is a bitch....I do not know what those we do not speak of coat the bloody gun with but it is thick, hard and the most tedious piece I have taken back down to the white.
I blasted it, parked it and then shot it with Duracoat Luepold Dark Earth. You can acutally read the company logo know and see the caliber marking which was just a blur und the caked on finish that was from the factory. I think next I'm going to do my other Clones in HK Nato Duracoat and then do the Blue/Grey factory finish on my workhorse 93 that has just over 20K rounds down the pipe. To many slides down steep hills on my back:410:
Anyway, this is the result and I hope everyone enjoys!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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