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Manual of Arms with the HK USP 9 Compact LEM with Safety

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I purchased one of the Classic HK USP 9 compacts and used it today for the first time. I was shooting 124 gr. 9mm ammo, about 200 rounds and zero issues. I greased it up with Weapon Shield, generously, my SOP with all my firearms when using them for the first time.

Here's my question.

As far as I can tell, it is designed and intended to be used in the following way.

Chamber a round, then put it on safe, holster, etc. Draw, safe off, shoot, then back on safe.

With the trigger in this thing, would you ever NOT put it on safe? Is the LEM trigger different between the first shot and subsequent shots?

I guess I'm not getting it. Not sure f I'm making sense with this question or not.
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I would say use this gun how you would any other LEM. Personally, the safety will go on to holster the gun and then come off and remain off until the gun needs to be holstered again. As long as the safety doesn't get in the way of me shooting accurately, I'll leave it on because I think it's kinda cool to have a rare USP with ambi safety. If it gets in the way, I'll remove it and shoot the gun like all of my other hammer fired HK's (which are LEM without safety).

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