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Manual of Arms with the HK USP 9 Compact LEM with Safety

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I purchased one of the Classic HK USP 9 compacts and used it today for the first time. I was shooting 124 gr. 9mm ammo, about 200 rounds and zero issues. I greased it up with Weapon Shield, generously, my SOP with all my firearms when using them for the first time.

Here's my question.

As far as I can tell, it is designed and intended to be used in the following way.

Chamber a round, then put it on safe, holster, etc. Draw, safe off, shoot, then back on safe.

With the trigger in this thing, would you ever NOT put it on safe? Is the LEM trigger different between the first shot and subsequent shots?

I guess I'm not getting it. Not sure f I'm making sense with this question or not.
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I have 2 LEM pistols. A P30 V1 from the factory and a USP45 CT that I converted to LEM myself. Never saw the need for a safety lever with the LEM trigger. However I recently picked up a grey framed P30S and I must say I love having the lever there for my left thumb to ride on(I'm a lefty). It is so comfortable. I'm kind of wishing my V1 P30 had the safety. Well maybe just the safety lever lol, I don't care about the SAFE part, that is my trigger finger and my brain.
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