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Mark 23 - different logos / country of production

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I'm planing to buy a Mark 23 and I have some questions. Maybe you guys can help me.
Comparing pictures of the Mark23 I've noticed that in some cases the HK logo at the muzzle of the gun looks different.
There is a small circular logo right beside the HK-lettering. These guns also don't have the DE right beside the serial number.
I also noticed that the tan versions always seem to have this kind of marking.

Are these models maybe manufactured in the US? … Are there Mark 23's produced in the US?? … and if yes, what's the difference to the models made in Germany?

I'm german, living in Germany and it might seem a little strange, that I'm asking a question like this about an HK gun in a US-forum …
But for any reason it's quite difficult to get informations like this directly from Heckler & Koch in Germany. They just don't answer my eMails and the guy on the phone didn't even know that there's a gun called Mark 23.

Would be great if you could help me.
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if you are planning on getting a mark 23 try to acquire the older ones with dates codes like KG,KH or KI. these are the more collectible ones and the ones that have maritime finish. if you're able to find a USSCOM then that would be even better as far as collection wise. once you have gotten one of these an fde/tan mark 23 would be another great addition to your collection. good luck and hope you find one over there.
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