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Mark 23 mags on flea bay?

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Good Morning,

Giddy new Mark 23 owner. I need mags! I'm a 10 mag to 1 gun kind of guy. So, I see e-bay has some decent prices or, where do mark 23 owners get their mags from?

10 vs 12 doesn't matter to me for the most part. What are good prices for new and used?

Any feedback would be great.
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There was a post I saw on here (somewhere....) about BROWNELLS selling USP 12 rd. mags, HK MANUFACTURE for $23.99. I just got around to looking, found them on Brownells for $28.99 Out of Stock. Here's the thing: it DID let me BACKORDER 10 and I snapped up 10 MARK 23 baseplates for them also at $4.99 each. Guys have said up until a few months ago (in the posts I read) that Brownells WOULD send them out as they got them and fulfill the backorder. By my 'maff....that's an HK MARK 23 mag for $34 smackeroos. F.W.I.W.
Just got my last 7 USP magazines in last week. I must not have checked the "wait to ship COMPLETE order" box, because I got 2 floorplates, then 3 mags, then 8 floorplates, and finally the last 7 mags. Took a while, but saved a chunk of change for other projects. I know, I know....some purists cite the microscopically shorter Feed Lip. I have not had any trouble no matter the ammo. Anyway, just my $.03.

Before I posted this I went to BROWNELLS and added 50 H.K. USP - 12 round magazines & 50 MARK 23 floorplates to my CART to check availability, so they are in STOCK now.

Now if I could just find the package with those last two 2 plates........

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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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