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Maryland MP5 Clone

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I am new to HK but have decided that my next addition to the safe has to be a MP5 clone. I would like the end result to be a MP5 SBR of very good quality but I am not sure how to get their. Maryland has laws about what make and model MP5 pistols you can even start with. Pretty much all MKE product is out and Omega 9 Full size is out. If anyone is familiar with maryland I am trying to figure out if I should start with a pistol variant and sbr it and if so which makes are reliable. Or do I buy a parts kit and a MP5 receiver and have someone build it as a SBR right away with paperwork. Third option is buy a complete gun from a company like tpm outfitters and have it registered as a sbr in maryland if I can do legally. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Welcome to the site--- let us know what you acquire!!! :biggrin:

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