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Maryland MP5 Clone

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I am new to HK but have decided that my next addition to the safe has to be a MP5 clone. I would like the end result to be a MP5 SBR of very good quality but I am not sure how to get their. Maryland has laws about what make and model MP5 pistols you can even start with. Pretty much all MKE product is out and Omega 9 Full size is out. If anyone is familiar with maryland I am trying to figure out if I should start with a pistol variant and sbr it and if so which makes are reliable. Or do I buy a parts kit and a MP5 receiver and have someone build it as a SBR right away with paperwork. Third option is buy a complete gun from a company like tpm outfitters and have it registered as a sbr in maryland if I can do legally. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Try these guys for info on the weird gun laws in the Peoples Republic of Maryland If they don't know they can guide you to who can. Between the handgun Roster and the Allowed Rifle/Shotgun list a weapon can be banned by name or " look alike " or by feature. So a HK 93 with a full stock is out but a 93 with a retracting stock is OK. An AR-15 is out but if it has a " heavy barrel " is OK. Madness. Ask MD shooters or use search because it has been asked before. I escaped to Delaware just after the 2013 Firearms Safety Act, I can buy it and take it home the same day
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