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Maryland MP5 Clone

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I am new to HK but have decided that my next addition to the safe has to be a MP5 clone. I would like the end result to be a MP5 SBR of very good quality but I am not sure how to get their. Maryland has laws about what make and model MP5 pistols you can even start with. Pretty much all MKE product is out and Omega 9 Full size is out. If anyone is familiar with maryland I am trying to figure out if I should start with a pistol variant and sbr it and if so which makes are reliable. Or do I buy a parts kit and a MP5 receiver and have someone build it as a SBR right away with paperwork. Third option is buy a complete gun from a company like tpm outfitters and have it registered as a sbr in maryland if I can do legally. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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I was under the impression that both POF and MKE are now on the Maryland Handgun Roster. Meaning legal to buy and own. They weren't before, but as of early 2016, they are good to go.

I would recommend buying the pistol version and SBR'ing yourself. With the Class III paperwork in order, it's really simple to add a stock in place of an end cap. No gunsmith needed.

However the issue you run into is meeting the 29" Overall length (OAL) required by Maryland. That is needed when applying for permission to build an SBR with the ATF. They need to know the length muzzle to stock extended, and without permanent modifications the MP5 doesn't cut it. Some have added AR15 style stocks and gotten approved, but I'm exploring other options involving personal modifications that legally bring it out to 29", but remain semi faithful to the original design.

Most other states don't have the 29" OAL requirement. It's just a Maryland thing. I believe Illinois has a 26" OAL requirement. That's why you'll see normal looking MP5 SBR clones out there.
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