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Metal lower GRips ?? No aftermarket ?

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Does no one make a aftermarket or different style grip for the metal lowers g3 sp89 a non finger groove ?? Anyone mod theirs ? Pics ? Seems to be odd I can't find a rubber grip or non finger groove replacement . I have been thinking about attempting to mill one one downs stiple forth usp style grip .... Surely one of you has this done ..
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Very timely thread. Just about an hour ago I received from Jdowny one of his PSG1 Wood Grips. I have to say that the pic's don't do them justice. When you hold this grip in your hand, you start to really appreiciate the work that went into making it look & feel great!!! I wood definitely suggest getting one of his wood grips!

I got this PSG1 Grip from John with the Steel Clipped-n-Pinned Paint-over-Park Lower (he got the Lower from RobertRTG). It Just Looks GREAT !!!

My plan is to send the Grip Frame and a Trigger Group to William Trigger Specialist, and have them perform their WTSG1 Set Trigger Modification to it. I would really like to find someone who could make what Williams used to make, their "Countoured Trigger". I had one done around '90, but, it got sold off. If you've ever shot a rifle with a Williams Contoured Set Trigger Group, then you know why I want to replace it.

Thanks John,
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