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SP89 Barrel with sight tower. Date coded JA 9mm and a K cocking tube purchased from HK Parts several years ago. Auto part
Someone added a front sling loop to it. Asking $135 Shipped. Next is a US made 9mm Bolt carrier group. It came with my SW89SD barreled upper. Never fired. Asking $130 shipped. Next is 2 MP5 mags. One is marked 9mmx19 other is not marked. Pretty sure the unmarked mag is a US made mag.Asking $55 for both shipped. Open to trades for 9MM UMP mags and German 9mm full auto carrier. RCM mp5 carrier plus cash from me.

BCG sold
Barrel and cocking sold pending funds
Mags Sold


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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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