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Mitch Rosen holster - under 3 weeks

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I havent seen the holster yet, and my USPc is now at fords custom so I cant give it a review, but a left hand best leather lined holster took less than 3 weeks from the time that I got off the phone with Mitch, until the time that I got a UPS notification that it has shipped.

I was quoted a 12 week wait time, so either they are so expensive that they dont have a wait, or they have lost popularity...not sure which one, but if you were thinking of ordering one or you dont want to weight the 6 months for Sparks or 2 years for Del Fatti it may be a good time to buy. Although it does scare me that demand is this low....:8:
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Don't be afraid. Rosen's are among the best. You will be completely satisfied.

Now for the pictures...;)
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