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greetings from ireland...

ive questions about the above mentioned... ive been considering weather to get the usp tac or a mk 23 ..... really now i want the mk 23.. i no its bigger bulgier more expensive accessories cost an arm and a leg.... ( did i miss anythin) but still i get a horn at the thought hahaha

ive heard of the accuracy of the mk 23 but how does the usp tac compare to it ????

of course me being an ankard f***er im left handed..... i but any pics i see of a mk 23 are from the left side .... does any1 know if there is an ambi safety on it or for it .. ????

cheers for the info ... and any1 with 1 do take care of these babies hahah


the mark 23's do have ambidextrous safety levers and mag release. with the decocker you're out of luck. but if your left handed and like me, that wont be enough to sway you from buying the gun. we learn to adapt!

as far as accuracy i can't say for sure. although recoil is definitely more manageable in the mark 23 due to its bigger size.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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