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HK33 / HK93 handguards & US extended charging handle

I have a few things that are just taking up space at the moment. I'm new to selling here but I have 50+ feedback on another popular firearms forum and 30+ feedback on eBay so please feel free to ask me for references.

3. [SOLD] MKE/Zenith MP5 type complete semi-auto trigger group. Has HK 3rd gen 9mm ejector installed. Used for approx. 100 rounds. $135 + shipping[SOLD]
4. [SPF] MKE/Zenith MP5K type complete semi-auto trigger group. Used for approx. 200 rounds. $125 + shipping [SPF]
5. [SOLD] MKE/Zenith Z43P takeoff flash hider / muzzle break. $7.50 + shipping [SOLD]
6. [SOLD] MKE/Zenith MP5 type takeoff charging handle, includes roll pin. $10 + shipping [SOLD]
7. [SOLD] MKE/Zenith Z43P/ HK33/ HK93 top rail. Never installed. $30 + shipping [SOLD]
9. [SOLD] PTR US-made hammer x2. Taken from a complete trigger pack and not used beyond dry firing. Remaining hammer has finish wear on one side around the pin hole. $15 each + shipping [SOLD]

I accept USPS money orders and PayPal friends/family or +3%. I have plenty of USPS priority flat rate boxes but for the smaller parts I can also pick up padded envelopes and ship first class for cheap.

I'm also more than happy to take additional pictures or answer any questions.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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