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MLOK handguard fitting problem with Omega Full Size 9mm

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I just picked up an Omega Full Size barreled receiver from Atlantic this week and ordered an MLOK handguard from HKParts. The Omega shipped with a regular black plastic US stamped handguard and retaining pin. I removed those and tried to install the MLOK handguard, but the hole on the front of the handguard extends past the hole on the gun that accepts the pin by a small amount preventing installation.

Is the gun out of spec? If so, why does it fit the polymer handguard with no problem? Or is the HKParts MLOK handguard out of spec? Has anyone tried it, and if so did it fit properly?

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I think that other screw ( the Allen head) is supposed to allow adjustability to the 'yoke' so that you can align the mounting screw.

In spec, is debatable. But, you should be able to adjust the handguard to your specific firearm. Dakota tactical makes their handguard this way as well, and while I did not need it for my PCS gun, it was nice that it was available.

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Thanks for the reply. The handguard shipped without instructions so didn't even think about those little screws. I just loosened all of them and can just barely clear the main screw into the other side.
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