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I personally love the Serpa holsters with the push button retention, but they never made one for the USP Tactical .45. I bought the HK FS holster thinking that it would work, but the tall suppressor sights on the Tactical makes it impossible to fit. I read about another person on here modding their Serpa to fit, but the method he used wasn't working for me. I figure I'd post up my method in case anyone else wants an active retention holster for their USP-T.

Supplies needed:
Blackhawk CQC Holster for HK P30 (Blackhawk part number: 410517BK-R)
Dewalt D26950 heatgun (120-1100 degree F)
Dremel with small sanding wheel

The nicest thing about my method is it works well for those of us without a second pair of hands. I was able to do this entire mod sitting in my computer chair watching 2-3 episodes of House (probably won't take you nearly that long since I spent more than half the time designing and experimenting). Like I mentioned above, I used a P30 holster for the final product, but it should work with a USP FS holster as well. I ended up destroying my USP holster making the beta version.

To start turn the heatgun to full blast and heat the middle of the top section. I recommend wearing some good leather gloves for this part (I used an old pair of motorcycle gloves). Once it starts bubbling heat it up for another 20-30 seconds. Then angle the heatgun to heat the same section from the inside of the holster. Easiest way to do this first step for me was to hold the heatgun in place between my legs and maneuver the holster around the heatgun. The following pictures were taken after the holster was completed to give you an idea of how I did it.

Next is to remove the middle section entirely. I used the sanding wheel on the now soft/melted middle section. Try and center it as best as you can. It doesn't have to look perfect, we'll make it pretty later. Cut out the middle section leaving a little less than half an inch on both ends.

Now that you have a slot in the middle, it'll be much easier to stretch the ends upward to accommodate the tall suppressor sights. Repeat the same heating process as earlier. Heat the outside of the holster then the inside only don't let it heat up quite as much. Once it starts to bubble it's time to remove the heat. The polymer should be flexible enough to push the suppressor sights into the holster. As you're pushing the sights in, put a bit of upward pressure to flex it more. You can also insert the gun from the opposite end of the holster to flex the polymer on the other end.

Now is where it gets a bit tricky. Play around with sanding the inside of the holster (thinning out the material) and heating up the holster and flexing with the sights. Too much sanding and you'll wear through the holster (not likely, there's quite a bit more material than it seems). Too much heating and when you flex it with the sights, the sights will tear completely through the top. After a couple heat cycles and sanding cycles the gun should fit perfectly like the holster was made for it.

Lastly, take the sandpaper and clean up all the rough edges (there's a lot of them!)
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