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looks like the 416 is prominent in this explicit trailer for the single player campaign (yes, that's what i do, i am not good enough for online multiplayer).

*Explicit* Medal of Honor Warfighter Story Trailer 1 - YouTube
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Honestly, I like MOH: warfighter. I like how the HK45ct handles, I feel the recoil impulse is accurate. I like the P226 also. BF3 was similar, you could tell the difference (to me anyway) shooting the DI rifles, and the piston 416. Same thing with the M9, sounds just like the one I carry every day. The sounds were damn near perfect. MOH is very similar.

I don't like that you can't change your secondary at all. That makes me upset. To use the HK45ct(MK 24) I have to use the heavy gunner class. I do get to use the HK 416 in my assult class, wich is great, because that is my go to rifle in both MOH, and BF3. I do like that you can also change the gun up so much, and change the camo pattern.

The main game is okay. I do like some of the elements, and hate others. Getting ammo from a friend is great. The peak and lean controls are garbage. I do like the sprint and slide thing too.

What I don't like too much, is the death sequences, and the only part of the main game I really liked, is when you are the SOC, you go all blood rage and kill everyone on the boat almost. I thought that was good. The other missions were hit or miss for me. Lots of the same stuff over and over.

Overall though, I like the game. It isn't bad, and it is nice to get some HK action, especially the HK45ct while I am away from home. I feel like I am shooting it.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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