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looks like the 416 is prominent in this explicit trailer for the single player campaign (yes, that's what i do, i am not good enough for online multiplayer).

*Explicit* Medal of Honor Warfighter Story Trailer 1 - YouTube
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I was watching Tac TV with LAV and he played a very prominent role in the developement. In the epsiode I saw, there will also be the HK45CT, G3,
G36C, and the MP-7.

And I hear you on the online stuff. Sorry kids but I have a job and a family which doesnt lend itself to practicing my XBox skills too much! Plus it just isnt cool to be a grown man and get that mad at 12 year olds when they light me up.
Dont know where to put this but this thread seems appropriate enough. Tell me how much sense this makes....rediculous.

SEALs punished for role in developing 'Medal of Honor' video game, official says - U.S. News
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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