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Moleskin for P2000SK Slide Release Rattle

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I recently picked up a 9mm P2000SK V2 (LEM) that I absolutely love. I shot a few hundred rounds and I'm quickly getting accustomed to the stock LEM. It is a great little carry pistol.

The only thing that was a little annoying to me was the millimeter or so of up & down play in the right slide release lever. I didn't really notice the wiggle in the lever at first until I shot it a bit and cleaned it. Then I remembered that I had some archery moleskin. If you're not familiar with archery moleskin, it is felt bow silencer material with an adhesive backing. I cut a little piece about 3/16" square and stuck it on the back side of the right slide release. Now the P2000SK slide release is free to move easily but it does not rattle. The moleskin felt is not at all noticeable until the pistol is field stripped and the right slide lever is removed.

If you own a HK and are bugged with a rattling slide lever, this may be a quick low cost solution for you.
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