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More Fun with Clipped and Pinned that Never Seem to Fit

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Just bought a nice clipped and pinned HK semi burst ambi group complete, for an HK sp89 and it doesn’t fit. The space between the pins is not wide enough to slip it over the sides of the shelf. The metal section at the rear mount hole is also too narrow but might go on if pushed hard. The original slides on nicely in that area. The clipped and pinned work is very nice but the space is never wide enough. I have been working on this problem with other German SEF grip frames to fit PTRs and was hoping this one for an HK would be different and actually fit (at that price). (how does the ambi lever come apart?)
The 3 German SEF grip frames fit to PTRs I have is the same problem at the shelf (nice work but not wide enough space). I got that part to fit with a dremel, making the tabs very thin – it fits after the metal insides are removed. The second problem with these is, the grip frames are more narrow than the PTR grip frame and have some visible variation in width between frames, where the whole top of the frame slips over the bottom edge of the receiver – one fits tight but good, another will barely fit with some dremel, and the third is visibly more narrow at the metal cross piece and might fit a 91 or maybe with even more dremel. The ambi pack above was ok in this respect except at the end where it turns metal.
The other problems with the German SEF grip frames fit to PTRs are easy to fix. The mount pin holes are slightly off, and it helps to take a little metal off the rear edge so it doesn’t get stuck in the buttstock.
I got one SEF to fit and I’m working on the others. I guess I can widen the burst grip frame between the pins, though at that price I shouldn’t have to. The rear part is probably best widened a little with some tool to bend it slightly. I was going to buy a semi burst for a PTR but that might be even more difficult to make the rear fit plus another dremel job. Maybe this week I will find time to measure the PTR and the 91/SR9 receivers and grip frames width with a caliper.
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To get the selector lever off the ambi pack you need to turn the selector lever until it is pointing just behind the safe postion and then remove the lever on the right side. You will notice that the trigger housing has a slight enlargement in the 7pm position when looking at it and it allows for the small button on the lever to get in the casing and then when rotated it is pressed in and will not allow removal. Burst Pack - Trigger Pack Removal Made Easy
push down on the lever in the trigger pack, then rotate your selector lever(s) to about 6:30. You will feel where that position is because the ball/pin detent will fall into the eccentric area. then remove your right side selector, then you can remove your left side selector with axle. Please measure the width of your semi shelf on your guns, and let us know. with out checking my notes I think it should be around .900 You should also be able to find a tutorial of your trigger pack if you do a search.
Thanks a million guys! Great info on the ambi selector.

I will try to get some measurements later this week to make sense of these clipped and pinned problems. The SEF frames were advertised on ebay as fitting PTR. The burst came from a reputable dealer. They don't specify but the one I bought (MP5K type) must be targeted primarily to the SP89. I don't know why they go to the trouble of converting the burst and not try it for fit. The frames from ebay appear nearly identical to the dealer frame for c/p. I'm not sure what is missing or if everyone else has this problem.
Is this on an sp89 or a clone?

My clone has a couple grip frame fitment issues. I ended up having to file down the receiver a bit, as well as open up the front of my grip frame. Fits great now though.

Now just to get the bolt carrier group......
Is this on an sp89 or a clone?

My clone has a couple grip frame fitment issues. I ended up having to file down the receiver a bit, as well as open up the front of my grip frame. Fits great now though.

Now just to get the bolt carrier group......
It is an HK as mentioned above. I wouldn't expect it to fit a clone, especially when it wasn't advertised by the HK parts dealer as such. Why do you need the bolt carrier group? An unmilled carrier? Which clone is it? Do you like it?
I bought one of the BMP painted barreled uppers, and have been slowly amassing parts to complete the build.

I was waiting on a RCM complete carrier group from HKparts, and it showed up today!

the upper isnt near as good as genuine HK, but for the price, I cant complain.

now to get it to the range and see how it rolls.
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